About Me!


I served as a career officer in the United States Army Corps of Engineers and later in management positions within private industry. My experience includes specialization in the areas of Project Management, Purchasing and Acquisition Management; Life-Cycle Management of Technology Projects for Large Enterprise Operations; Organizational Productivity Evaluation and Enhancement; and Quality Management in Multi-mission Organizational Environments. I have worked within a number of military and private sector organizations and on critical projects in the areas of information technology, facilities management, quality assurance oversight and evaluation of major systems, and acquisition of a full range of products and services used by governmental organizations at all levels. In addition to my military background, my private sector experience includes serving as project manager for numerous high visibility initiatives being undertaken by client organizations and as Director of Business Operations within an organization having revenues in excess of 250 million dollars, whose mission is to engineer, deploy, and manage critical solutions for homeland security, criminal justice and intelligence, defense and civilian agencies within the Federal Government and at State and local levels.

I have served on the faculty of Webster University's Graduate School of Business and Technology since 1982, lecturing in various business, management, and acquisition related subjects, and am the Area Mentor for the Procurement and Acquisitions Management area of concentration.  My education includes undergraduate degrees in Business and Sociology from Coker College and a graduate degree from the University of Southern California in Systems Management. I am a member of the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) and am a Board Certified Master Project Manager ™ (MPM) and a Certified International Project Manager ™ (CIPM™). For fun, I enjoy mountain biking and spending time in the coastal areas of the country, specifically the Coastal Carolinas.

Please feel free to contact me at either bwootten at webster.edu or bwootten@comcast.net (in order to prevent spam, when emailing me please replace "at" with "@").